A warm welcome to the ophthalmology practice Augenarztpraxis am Glacis in Torgau

Our ophthalmological group practice, consisting of six experienced specialists and a top team of trained staff, offers modern ophthalmology in a pleasant atmosphere and a location which is easy to reach by car and public transport.

We treat a large number of patients, children as well as adults of all ages, using state-of-the-art diagnosis and therapy procedures.

Of the approximately 2,000 operations we perform annually, over 80% are carried out on an out-patient basis in our OP department on the premises – thanks to our modern equipment and technologies, while the remainder are performed in our in-patient clinic in the “Johann Kentmann GmbH” District Hospital in Torgau.

Our activities focus on the individual. Based on state-of-the-art equipment technologies, a wealth of experience as well as “time for the patient”, we endeavour to be effective for the sake of our patients’ health – both in case of illness and preventative examinations and consultations.

About our name
The city park in Torgau is called the "Glacis" (pronounced [ɡlaˈsiː]), and our practice is located close by the park. The name comes from the French and means "slope", and particularly refers to the ground that slopes away in front of fortifications. Between 1811 and 1813, Torgau was developed into one of the largest fortresses in Germany on the orders of Emperor Napoleon. Following its defortification in the 1890s, the city park was created on this site, which incorporates the old town and still bears the French name.
Currenty in our clinic, there is an exposition from the culture department of Torgau.
For more information: www.kleine-galerie-torgau.de

The previous history of our practice

For over 65 years, we have fostered a close intertwining of out- and in-patient care:

1946 Initial setting up of an ophthalmological department at the Torgau hospital by Dr. Pomränke

1961 – 1988 Dr. W. Schmerse as successor to Dr. Pomränke

1975 Dr. F. Henjes from Cottbus to Torgau and collaboration with Dr. Schmerse

1982 Dr. Henjes Director of the Ophthalmic Department of the District Hospital and the Torgau Policlinic

1986 Dipl. Med. G. Hessel from Leipzig to Torgau

1992 Founding of the ophthalmological group practice with the in-patient clinic in the Torgau hospital (Dr. F. Henjes / Dipl. Med. G. Hessel)

2006 Specialist doctor Melchert joins the group practice

2010 Dr. Ksinsik joins the group practice

2014 FA Jorge Alain De Alba Castilla joins the group practice

up to today

Since 1989, seven regional scientific ophthalmological symposia have been held in Torgau, most recently on 13th/14th April 2012. In 1999, we organized the Annual Meeting of the Ophthalmologists of Saxony.