Our diagnostic and Treatment options

Our range of services comprises the complete conservative ophthalmology, including state-of-the-art examination techniques and the major part of the ophthalmological operations, focusing here on cataract surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, eyelid and eye muscle surgery, cosmetic-aesthetic surgery and laser therapies.

For the vision screenings performed by our experienced specialists and trained staff, we have extensive possibilities – both traditional and cutting-edge – available, which are also used for preventative medical checkups for the purpose of excluding eye diseases (glaucoma, macular degeneration, defective vision as well as strabismus in children (individual health services = IGeL).

Diagnostics and treatment

  • Testing for visual acuity and treating defective vision
  • Biomicroscopical examination of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye
  • Retinal examinations with regard to possible damage caused by diabetes mellitus and other general diseases
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Fluorescein angiographies of the ocular fundus

Glaucoma diagnostics

  • Intraocular pressure measurement
  • Visual field examination

Laser treatments on the eye

  • Glaucoma laser therapy
  • Secondary cataract discision
  • Diabetic and vascularly caused retinal diseases
  • Degenerative retinal damage and retinal breaks

Orthoptics Department

  • Examining and treating strabismus
  • Ocular palsy diagnostics
  • Determining prism glasses

Assessments and other services

  • Test assessment of visual impairment caused by accidents and diseases
  • Testing and fitting magnifying vision aids and screen readers

Eye surgeries

  • Cataract microsurgery and refractive lens surgery
  • Glaucoma operations
  • Minimally invasive vitreous body and retinal surgery
  • Intravitreal injections (IVOM) for macula degeneration and other retinal diseases
  • Operations relating to eyelid malposition as well as skin and conjunctivital tumours
  • Lacrimal duct surgery
  • Strabismus surgery

To perform the anaesthesiology services in the event of intraocular surgery (including narcoses, intravenous sedation and infusions, circulation monitoring and local anaesthetics), we are delighted to have the longstanding assistance and professional experience of Dr. Ria Kroll, anaesthetist with her own subsidiary location in Schkeuditz near Leipzig.

“Orthoptics” = Teaching to see correctly

Our especially trained orthoptist, Ms. Carsta Schürz, examines and monitors the development of the sight of small children, particularly in relation to defective vision and strabismus, and initiates the necessary treatment and controls.

Services are performed here for adults as well – eye muscle disorders and ocular palsy (e.g. as a result of a stroke or other brain diseases) are diagnosed, and possibly corrected by the use of prism glasses.

Individual Health Services (IGeL)

Those covered by statutory health insurance are entitled to healthcare, when it is necessary to recognise and heal an illness, prevent deterioration or relieve symptoms (§§ 1, 12th Social Insurance Code SGB V). The scope of the services covered as part of the statutory health insurance (GKV) is comprehensively described in the Uniform Assessment Standard (EBM).

These GKV services may not exceed the threshold of necessity. Services, which are unnecessary or uneconomical/inefficient, may neither be claimed by the persons insured, not performed by the doctors, nor approved by the state insurance companies (§ 12, Section 1, Para. 2 SGB V).

Services provided by the doctor, which are not (or not yet) covered by statutory health insurance (individual health services, IGeL) are eligible to be paid by a private health insurance. IGeLs are not included in the scope of coverage by the statutory health insurance, are desired (requested) by the patient and should be medically advisable, or at least justifiable from a medical perspective. Before providing such medical treatment, the doctor is obliged to consult the patient regarding this and explain that the statutory health insurance will not assume the costs of such treatment. The patient must then agree to the treatment being performed on a private basis, and sign an appropriate agreement to receive individual health services.

Diagnostics and treatment

  • Digital Photo documentation of all segments of the eye (e.g. OCT)
  • Measuring artificial lenses by laser
  • Advising on and determining the use of glasses outside the scope of the GKV service obligations


  • Glaucoma screening examination
  • Measuring the thickness of the cornea (pachymetry)
  • HRT (Heidelberg Retina-Tomograph) for optic nerve diagnostics


  • Eye test for all driving license classes / driving license assessment
  • Certificate for motorboat and flying license
  • Diving-related medical examination of the eyes
  • Sport-related medical examinations of the eyes
  • Occupational-related medical examinations (e.g. computer-based workplace)
  • Examination of color sense
  • Cosmetic-aesthetic surgery in the area around the eyes (e.g. drooping eyelids)

Quality management

Since 2004, we have applied the concept of quality management in our practice. Thanks to the guidelines developed jointly by us in compliance with stipulated quality standards for our activities, advanced training schemes, hygiene code and self-regulation, we have achieved a high quality standard in our practice, which since 2005 has been confirmed with certification by a recognised inspecting authority under strict annual inspections. Theses advanced training courses, which take place on a regular basis, ensure a high medical qualification of all our staff.

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